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We have all experience the pain of losing someone close to us. The times we are no longer able to just call the person up, message them or see the person smile, giggle, laugh or even cry ever again. It is a circle of Life, Where there is birth there will always be death – Every Hello will one day end up as a Goodbye.  I have quite recently felt the loss of a very dear friend and family. It’s almost impossible to explain the pain and how disoriented it made me. There might not be much that I can do to change that and during these times I remember of an age old Prayer.

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
The courage to change the things I can,
And the wisdom to know the difference.”

Dear Friends and Families, as you already know The world have just witnessed another Natural Distaster. It was one of the Most Powerful Earthquake and Natural Disaster that has struck Nepal since 1934. On 25th April 2015, Nepal was hit by an earthquake of 7.8 magnitude. This earthquake with its epicenter in Barpark, Gorkha District – Nepal took more than 7,500 lives and injured twice as many.

Though there's nothing we can do to replace the loss of life, the loss of loved ones - No Amount of Money and Nobody shall be able to replace what is lost. There is still so much we can do to help the survivors, prevent further loss and help rebuild Nepal for the future.

As this is being written, the official count of missing persons is over 450,000.
3 Million People are in need of Food Aid.
130,000 Houses Destroyed.
24,000 People Living in Camps and Temporary Shelter.
The Estimated Cost of Recovery is $415,000,000 (Four Hundred and Fifteen Million Dollars).

Various forms of support came from various countries, companies, NGOs and individuals right after the earthquake and we Thank Them for their Support.

Today we are asking you for your Support. The World might have forgotten about Nepal. But we haven’t. We know that after the earthquake hits, it doesn't get over within a week or two. It takes months and probably a lifetime for victims to recover from the disaster. We at Klinik Akupunktur Bandung are asking you to do your share to help our Friends and Families in Nepal. Together We can Make a Difference. Together We can Help a Better Future for our less fortunate Brothers and Sisters in Nepal.
We are collecting as much donation as we can to help the victims in Nepal.  The money shall then be used to provide aid to the victims through our local network there led by Ms. Aishwarya Pant Nair & Mr. Gandhi. The money shall be allocated to rebuild the education system and build a School (Hopefully we could generate enough to build Schools) in rural parts of Nepal. Thousands of Children are now orphans and went through probably the most traumatic experience they would experience in their entire life. We believe that with your help, a School would help reduce their trauma and help them have a better quality of life in the future.

Schools Destroyed in Nepal Earthquake. Help Support Nepal Indonesia Klinik Akupunktur Bandung Support Nepal Menyumbang Untuk Nepal
Remains of a School in Rural Nepal

Schools Destroyed in Nepal Earthquake. Help Support Nepal Indonesia Klinik Akupunktur Bandung Support Nepal Menyumbang Untuk Nepal
Schools Destroyed in Nepal Earthquake. Help Support Nepal Indonesia Klinik Akupunktur Bandung Support Nepal Menyumbang Untuk Nepal

Our Partner Mr. Gandhi has been one of the first few people to be on site to help the rural areas. And his presence has been tremendous help for the victims of the earthquake. The Crisis is probably not over. But Let us focus in Rebuilding Nepal. Together - With your help We Can make a Difference.

Donations can be Transfered to the Following Account Numbers:
Bank BCA: 0080154194
Bank BNI: 4235091447
Bank Mandiri: 132.0099449440
Bank BRI: 77501008793537
Account Name: Raja Manohar D.

We Request you to email us to let us know of the Transfer: / Via SMS/WhatsApp To +628979944944

Klinic Akupunktur Bandung, Shall Donate 10% Of The Income Generated from Sales in the month of May for Nepal. You Can Also Purchase Goods and Services from Akupunktur Bandung to be Part of the Charity Event.

Information Regarding Our Calcium Package Can Be Seen Here. And Our Slimming Acupuncture Package Can Be Seen Here.

Donations shall be collected till the end of May and Shall be Transferred in the First / Second Week of June.

Please Do Your Share. As Little As Rp. 10,000 too could probably save a Life.
Also Do Please Spread The Message Around. Share / +1 / Like / Tweet / etc...Do Your Part.

#RebuildNepal Together We Can...

Regards and Thank You for your Support.
On Behalf Of Klinik Akupunktur Bandung

- Raja Daryanani

Jl. Braga No. 44. Bandung, Indonesia
+628979944944 (Personal Number / WA / Line)
+628986189994 - Klinik Akupunktur Bandung
- Aishwarya Pant Nair
- Gandhi Pant

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